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I can’t do this alone: Obama

US President Barack Obama on Monday warned supporters that a Republican triumph in mid-term elections next month would curtail his still ambitious political agenda.


At a fundraising event at the home of retired basketball star Alonzo Mourning, featuring NBA great Magic Johnson and current players Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh, Obama called on supporters to rally round Democrats at the polls.

Obama rejected the idea advanced by some Washington pundits that he may actually benefit from a Republican seizure of the House of Representatives or the Senate, as it would give him a political foe to run against.

“That may be short-term political thinking in the minds of pundits — that’s not how I think because I’m thinking about how do I move the country forward,” Obama said.

Obama said that he wanted to fight for an energy policy that would promote clean technologies in the United States “so I’ve got to have partners to do that with. I can’t do it alone.”

“I’ve got to make sure that we’ve got the best education system in the world right here in the United States of America … I can’t do that by myself.”

The president, seeking to drive up Democratic turnout ahead of the November 2 polls and limit his party’s losses, also said he was not optimistic that Republicans would chose to work with him if they grab control of Congress.

At an earlier Florida fundraiser, Obama also lambasted the Republicans over their “Pledge to America” the set of commitments and policies rolled out by the opposition party ahead of the elections.

“When you actually take the time to read it, it turns out that they are peddling the same snake oil they were before. They put some different names on it, but it’s the same concepts,” he said.

Polls appear to show Republicans poised to win the House of Representatives back from Democrats in the elections but with a tougher task to capture the Senate.

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