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One Nation member ‘promoting gay bashing’

Mr Groves allegedly promoted gay bashing in a tweet to Queensland Family First senate hopeful, Wendy Francis, who had herself faced online backlash over tweets equating gay parenting with child abuse.


“U (sic) have a backer in me, love to do some Phoofter Bashing (sic) from time too (sic) time…” Mr Groves wrote in a public message to Ms Francis.

The tweets have since been deleted from the account, but have been circulating via the Internet.

The incident began when 30-year old computer programmer Nicholas Perkins criticised Ms Francis’ comments on homosexuality via the social networking site.

The account claiming to belong to Mr Groves sent a reply to Mr Perkins, accusing him of being a “Phoofter.”

A later tweet by Mr Groves, which SBS has obtained, further abuses Mr Perkins after the Queenslander rang to verify the account did indeed belong to Mr Groves.

“To the Phoofter (sic) Lover that (sic) rang me “Up yours,” the public message says.

Mr Perkins told SBS Mr Groves became aggressive and hung up after being quizzed on his public Twitter comments.

Calls to Mr Groves’ mobile were not returned, and other state members of One Nation were able to confirm Mr Groves does indeed have a Twitter account, but were not able to confirm his account name.

Pat Loy, Secretary of the Victorian branch of One Nation, told SBS any Twitter account used by Mr Groves was his personal account, and did not reflect the views of the party.

Ms Loy, a member of One Nation since its creation in the mid 1990s, says the party does not have a policy on homosexuality, but it was her emphatic belief that an individual’s sexual preference is personal.

“Where we stand on this is… everybody should be able to have their own way of life,” she told SBS.

“[Sexuality is] a person’s choice,” Ms Loy says.

“No one has a right to tell them how to live.”

Ms Loy told SBS that she would leave the party if they adopt an anti-homosexual stance.

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